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  • Private Landlord
  • Manage a hotel or B&B
  • A general manager of an office complex
  • Own or manage caravan sites
  • An organisation or charity looking after large properties
  • Social landlord
  • or just a curious home owner....


SenseAbility can help you with a vast choice of different sensors that can feed in together and complement each other.

With climate change, the cost of energy and trying to manage people's behaviour - there are IoT solutions available to you.

  • Temperature and humidity sensors.
    • Understanding temperature can help you understand the point that the moisture in the air, humidity, can condense out and become water.
    • Condensing damp is a big challenge affecting the fabric of the building and the well-being of occupants, sometimes with fatal consequences.

  • Air quality and air exchange
    • If damp is in a building you can monitor the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are in the air.  A high number could suggest mould spores in the air.
    • We can also monitor carbon dioxide levels.  Persistently high levels can suggest low air exchange.  Bringing the levels down can improve air quality, wellbeing and wellness as a whole.

  • Radiator temperatures
    • Using remotely adjustable thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), we can force the temperature in a room to be what YOU want it to be.  This is useful where in a holiday let, visitors sometimes can be care free in regards to temperatures.
    • We can turn radiators off automatically if a window or door is left open
    • We can turn radiators off during the day - useful for B&Bs, turning them on ready for guests to come to warm rooms
    • All the data above can be presented in an easy to use dashboard so you can see the rogue rooms!

  • People Counting in and out of buildings
    • Get statistics on attendance to buildings, dates and times, prove popularity... or not!
    • For large building managers, counting people in means you can proactively adjust your fresh air inputs as appropriate thus keeping your heating at the levels required for people in attendance, not just for a theoretical maximum.
    • If you know a building, such as toilets, have or have not been used, means you can send cleaning teams as needed and not just on a rota.

  • Water leak sensors - be notified before it is too late!
    • Under counter areas
    • Cellars
    • Garages
    • Store rooms

  • Monitoring of gas, electric and water consumption
    • We can gather data from your utilities and present that into dashboards.
    • You know what date and at what time peaks and troughs of usage take place and maybe identify irregular consumption patterns and areas of inefficiencies.

  • Monitor water temperature on hot water supplies
    • Keep automated records on hot water supplies proving that they are reaching the required temperatures to prevent legionella
    • No staff time
    • No 'bodging' of paperwork
    • Easy to use, centralised record keeping of your hot water supplies
  • Oil tanks
    • Monitor oil tank levels
    • Receive notifications - especially of there is excessive usage - identifying theft?
    • Identify trends of consumption - especially if complemented with an external temperature sensor
  • Noisy neighbours or tenants
    • GDPR compliant sound sensors can be placed in properties to monitor sound levels
    • This can be used to prove if there is an issue rather than relying on anecdotal reports

  • Empty property monitoring
    • No need to fit dedicated alarm systems to monitor empty properties awaiting development.
    • Sensors monitoring movement, heat can send notifications to your teams to advise them that something has been detected.



Get in contact - we have plenty of experience to draw upon on the technical side and with your skill sets - we can provide innovative information to help you and start to automate the mundane.


No matter the size of your castle...


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