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There are many challenges for a farmer, lots of things going on, lots of statutory requirements, looking after arable crops and or livestock.  How can you know what is going on where?

SenseAbility can help you with a vast choice of different sensors that can feed in together and complement each other.

  • Rainfall sensor,  Complement it with a soil moisture sensor and water level sensors for ditches and streams and know if excess water could go onto fields that flood.

    Click the link below to see water levels that are being monitored on Rhos on Sea Golf Course.
  • Use a soil moisture sensor and a weather forecast to determine whether it is the right time to spread slurry or do any spraying.
  • Gate sensors to determine if left open or closed if not appropriate.  These same sensors can be placed on barn doors.  Gain alerts, text, e-mail and phone calls, at times you want them, for when barn doors or side doors are opened out-of-hours.
  • Full weather sensors that can tell you temperature, humidity, solar radiation, rainfall, wind speed, wind gusts and wind direction.
  • Fridge and freezer sensors to make sure that medicines and foods are kept at the right temperature.
  • Silo gauges to monitor feed levels remotely and identify trends.
  • People or livestock counters.  Place people counters on footpaths which may help you identify risks or new funding opportunities.
  • Motion or sound sensors in bird boxes, owl boxes, bat boxes - these are all possible to give you an indication of the amount of use and the time and date of use.


Get in contact - we have plenty of experience to draw upon on the technical side and with your skill sets - we can provide innovative information to help you.


Vaccine / Medicine storage.

By placing a temperature monitor inside your vaccine/medicine fridge we can automate record keeping,  prove temperature compliance and also raise alerts if the temperature heads out of range so you can avert costly spoilage.

Animal welfare.

Using an inexpensive sensor placed in a livestock barn, we can calculate the Temperature Humidity Index and therefore asses if the conditions are likely to create heat stress for your livestock .

Water level monitoring.

In ponds,reservoirs, streams, tanks , troughs, ditches, drains etc. We have a range of different solutions that will cater for almost any scenario.
We can also automatically bring in publicly available data - e.g. rainfall data from the appropriate environment agency so you can easily correlate the effect of a changing environment on your water courses.


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